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A list of top 10 best Nintendo 64 and Gamecube MP3’s

If you are a 90’s baby, like me, then playing on your Nintendo will be one of your happiest childhood memories. Remember when our world used to revolve around Mario and saving the princess or completing the next level in Shadow Man without getting killed or the batteries running out. Remember the tones of tan ta tan ta as your warrior would beat the opponent. Surprisingly, it is not only the games that you are likely to remember once you’re down the memory lane but also the songs that used to be played and associated with these games. The catchy music and the epic themes have been holding their extreme popularity through decades and decades. Some would call them retro, old-school, and classic games, but since some versions of them can be found even in the newest mobile casinos, there is a solid proof that they are still in high demand. Below is a list of the ten most famous Nintendo and Gamecube Mp3s which are likely to ring a bell.

super-mario-641. The number one on this is the famous staff roll from none other than Super Mario 64.

Composed by Koni Kondo, this mp3 song is famous for its associated game.

2. The second on the list is Nintendo 64 which is by the famous rapper Soulja Boy. This song became an immediate hit because of its fast-paced music and rhythm.

3. The third on the list is the full super Mario 64 0ST which is approximately 50 minutes long and takes you down the days of playing Mario and jumping over those porcupines.

4 & 5.Power Star from Super Mario 64 ranges fourth followed by Dire dire rock also from Mario 64.

6. The sixth on the list is the infamous Old school Donkey Kong theme song.

7 & 8. Alex G ranges seventh on this list followed by Castlevania which is technically a violin rhythm.

9. The second last, i.e. ninth, on this list, is the Cave Dungeon again from Super Mario 64.

10. The last but not the least comes the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. Since Nintendo 64 was made for the game Super Mario 64, therefore, there is no surprise in the fact that many songs belonged to this game which eventually became the first 3D game ever.

The music played in the game was to act as an incentive and motivate the players to go on further. Especially, towards the end, when you have to beat Bowser, if you do not have enough stars you cannot battle. You would have witnessed that the Mario attempting to climb the staircase with the music playing in the background. The music plays on to give the impression that Mario is ascending the stairs when in reality he is stuck in one place. Most of these songs are just tunes without any specific lyrics. The music was used to give impressions. It is quite noticeable that most of these mp3 songs have a relaxing element to them and tend to change as the game progresses.

For instance, in times of stress, the music would also change to pressurize the player to win. A reason why most of these songs became famous was the nostalgia attached to them. You hear a familiar tone and it takes you down the memory lane of your favorite game. Moreover, easy availability on the internet means that you can access them at any time and just about anywhere. Although they are apparently just tones, these mp3 songs have embedded an entire childhood within themselves. The nostalgia and the rhythms involved are enough to make anyone want to go back to the good old days.

Nintendo 64 Europe Games