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Video nerds unite- well sort of…

The right stuff is the kind of team you want to see in a movie, but when the Nintendo 64 first came out, most of us shrieked like wild pigs at the incredible array of games without limit. Somehow- just like the Power Rangers- we all came together to make one incredible team. And here we are! Let us walk you through-

 One Young Video Game Specialist and Main Editor of Content

I’m Jack Lison, I’m Taiwanese from a small village with a rich culture called Dajia, I turned 23 last February and I’m a video game Specialist. I have always been in love with creating, my life’s ambition was to become a Game Artist, I believe the creator is always greater than the creation, and the vision shows just how creative the visionary is. And yea, philosophy was my major. Today I’m a Video Game Specialist and I’ve been that for over 3 years now There’s no differentiating factor, whether it’s 20 or 30 art, for me it’s all about getting the work done and doing it excellently. Building up characters is like creating your very own vision for how you see the world, it’s not just art, it’s your own world. I look forward to bringing my expertise and strength to the team and together we can do great things, hope to connect with you all and learn.

A Middle Aged Classic Video Game Lover and Collector and Contributing Articles

Call me Vigilante, no first or last names necessary, my closest friends call me ‘vigilante’, so you should be proud to do so. I’m from Oregon, grew up in the suburbs and was always a smart athletic kid. I’m 55 years now but I don’t look a day older than 18 and I still challenge the “younger ones” in the gym. I love Video games, I’ve been collecting game artifacts for over 17 years and I bring my experience to the industry by writing articles. Funny story how my writing game kicked off. I started in this game writing poetry. That’s right you little kids don’t know jack about writing if you’ve never written a word of poetry in your life. In the 80’s poetry was the real game; you couldn’t get a woman if you were not good with pen and paper. Your ability to have children depended on it. Sadly things have changed, and while I still dabble in a prose or two, I graduated to business writing, producing copy for business enthusiasts made some money for some criminals, got blamed for their crime, ended up in jail for six months (true story!) got out, no client, no job, what do I do? Well you wouldn’t believe it, I decided to focus on a whole different industry and started contributing articles for Gamers looking for a quick launch into the market, now they call me “Grandpa-Gamer”, stupid kids, leave me alone, l just want to write poetry and make love. So I’m a valuable partner to have on any team, because I bring a lot of value and experience with me everywhere I go, let’s have fun together.

A Video Game Nerd and Classic Console Specialist-Special Reports

I’m Charles; I’ve spent my whole life till date in the UK, graduated from University of Manchester in 2012 with a degree in mechanical engineering. I work as a Classic console specialist; it’s a very unique position with lots of challenges every day. I’m 28 years, I’m newly married to an amazing girl and we have a baby on the way. For a long time, I went to bed every single night sketching my own version of how I wanted game consoles to be designed in the future. I would really get into detail, the structures, the art, the model, sometimes I went deep into game characters, it was crazy, and it’s safe to say that I fall into the unique category of Game Nerds. I have a passion for the game industry that very few people have. I grew up in the back streets of London, on Eric Street, raised by a single mom, it was tough, scrambling for a pound, my mom is what you would call a hard street entrepreneur, she could sell ice to Eskimos and from deep down she always left me with two principles in life, always value money and create your own reality. Well for the first part, I’m a crazy hustler, I can flip anything, cars, shoes, lipstick, name it, I’ve sold it. Always be looking for that next dollar, don’t spend, and invest. And as for creating my own reality, that’s why I’m a Classic Console Specialist, it’s the dream job for me, I get to build what I want and mama is proud of who I’ve become. I guess working with a great team gives me the opportunity to create a new future for my child while giving my mom something to be proud of and contributing to a team that is truly doing something valuable in the world out there. An energetic.

The biggest Video Game Fan on-scene Reporter of Events

I’m Allison, I’m from Philadelphia and a huge 76er’s basketball fan. I would have played but I’m 5:2, so my height disqualified me. I’m a Reporter and usually report game events. I grew up with three brothers and I was the only girl, so they kind of inducted me into this world of gamin and I’ve not left since. I’m 26 years and have a degree in journalism. I think everyone has a unique view of the world; two people can be in the same place, in the same situation but report totally different things. That’s why an independent eye must be there to report the truth. And it’s my own way of impacting and changing the world, because I get to tell people’s stories, and show the whole truth of how creative and innovative some of our gamers and developers are and put a whole give a new perspective to an old industry at least from a female perspective.

That’s why I appreciate working in a time of like minds and possible doing something that could change the world and having an impact that goes beyond me. I understand that this is an industry dominated by men, but I would like to prove that women can also impact this industry just as good and maybe even better than what the men do.

We’re about as random as it gets and the internet is a pretty big place. Well- not as big as Mario Cart, but who is counting. We count on your support and ideas to help push our personal love for N64 and Gamecube back into the public eye- and it’s working since many old games are heading to smartphone apps! Send us your ideas and comments here:


N64 Europe Online Group

5470 Shilshole Ave.

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