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Have you ever wondered where those Nintendo discs and cartridges disappeared to?

Well actually- many people strive to find them now and they are considered a collectable. What happens when something is considered a collectable, usually those prices rise. In this article we will explore the rarest Gamecube games from the back in the day. We are exploring the hardest to find Nintendo GameCube Top 7 rarest games in no particular order.

nintendo-gamecube-gamesThe first on our list is NCAA Basketball 2K3. The new price for this game is the highest that l have every seen. $400 USD and you can find it used for as average price of $37 USD This is a college basketball game that the developers never imagined would be made to sell very well. The reason it is so rare is Sega stopped production on all the 2k Series games and stopped in the middle of production of NCAA Basketball 2K3. Now because of their decision this is one of the only sports games rare and valuable on any gaming system.

Next up is Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Bundle or as most call it DDR Mario Mix. It has all the regular Mario characters, music and art. It was only released in the US for the Gamecube. It was released around the Christmas season inn 2005 and sold out very fast. They re-released it 2006 but quickly discontinued it. Now you can buy it new for $160 USD or the average used price is $44 USD.

Number 3 on our list is Digimon Ruble Arena 2. This game is very similar to Super Smash Bros in who you play but instead of the Mario character's you use Digimon Characters. Being the sequel to the original Digimon Ruble Area it did not sell as well as the first. Receptions was lukewarm at best but diehard fans still consider it to be a collectable. You can find it new for $198 USD and used for an average price of $22 USD.

resident-evil-code-veronica-xResident Evil Code Veronica X comes in at number four. Buying it new will cost you $150 USD and an average price of $31 USD used. Capcom re-released four Resident Evil games on Gamecube and this was one of them. It was released in limited production after receiving poor sales but yet after Resident Evil 4's release prices went up for all for Resident Evil games. Resident Evil Code Veronica X was the only one that remained high.

Number 5 on our list of top 7 rarest games for Gamecube is Phantasy Star Episode 1 & 2 plus. This is a re-release of Phantasy Star Online for the Gamecube. It is considered a Plus version because it fixed all the glitches it had in the original. This game didn't do well because gamers felt that Gamecube’s online was dead by that point. You can buy it new for $200 USD or an average price of $58 USD.

Last but certainly not least is Star Wars: Jedi Outcast. You can buy it new right now for $100 USD or and average price of $25 USD. Star Wars Jedi Outcast is an action game first released for the PC later on in 2002 they ported it into the Gamecube and also the Xbox. This game is the rarest of Star Wars games and considered a collectable.

Nintendo 64 Europe Games