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True Game Gems of Nintendo 64 and GameCube

Old school players like me must remember those days which have changed the history of consoles. Once Nintendo 64 and GameCube were released, they threw us into a new world of gaming. Did you know that these mega consoles were the pioneers of 3D worlds and 64-bit graphics? In this article, I’ll review other little known facts about Nintendo 64 and GameCube and try to explain why they have such a tremendous impact on gamers.

Early Online Experience

the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3dYears before online gaming became so widespread, Nintendo attempted to bring gamers together with the Nintendo 64 and partially GameCube. 64 version included a peripheral disc drive so that players could interact via the Internet. I remember that we could also play games, share creations as well as socialize. Its GameCube relative had similar features. It officially supported Internet play. In addition, I could connect it to the Game Boy Advance and access special features in certain games. Another 30 star which has changed the world of video games is the legendary Super Mario. 30 And First-Person View Many of us might not know it but these legendary consoles were so-called pathfinders in the area of 3D and first-person games. When they released The-Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of-Time, I was kind of confused to be honest. It felt unusual to play from the first-person perspective. During the battle mode, the screen switched to a side perspective. If only I knew that it would become a trend! Before it was released, Nintendo showed off the GameCube’s graphical capabilities. They used several demos and one of them included animated 30 music video. The game was famous Pokemon series which based itself on primitive 3D decisions.

n64-controller-in-handAnalog Sticks and Storage

It was fun, but inconveniences tended to evolve into advantages. The truth is that Nintendo 64 controller was shaped in an odd way. Many gamers found it difficult to grasp it. There even were several complaints about injuries received during the gaming process. As a result, Nintendo implemented an analog stick. Now it is something that systems have been using ever since. Unfortunately, those days the stick wasn’t well-accepted. What a big leap it was to release Nintendo GameCube. It was one of the first consoles which used discs in order to store the games. In addition, GameCube was equipped with small discs instead of typical clumsy DVDs. This console was designed with two memory card ports, plus you could buy one of three memory cards. These were 512 KB card in gray, 2 MB card in black and 8 MB card 1019 in white. It was a kind of revolution those days because it took the world of video games to the new level. Famous Franchises Even though technologies matter, the games themselves are also important. Both Nintendo 64 and GameCube have given a new life to such franchises as Mario Brothers as well as Zelda and Pokemon.

Owing to them, these games have gained worldwide recognition. What is more, they included many features which are an important part of today’s gameplay the way we know it. I think that these franchises have already become a history of modern video games. Playing them was a big fun and many fans were ready to spend big sums of money on the games and consoles for them.

Nintendo 64 Europe Games