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Zelda: Majora's Mask and the Ben Drowned Controversy

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is an adventure-action video game made by Nintendo and was released in 2000, following The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Link, the main character uses his mask to transform himself in other beings and plays his ocarina to defeat his enemies and pass through all the challenges of the game.

The controversy came up when a very exhausting story by the name of: "Ben Drowned", one of the most famous creepy pastas, which was posted by Alex Hall mostly known as "Jadusable". He describes the game as being "more than it meets the eye" and tells us about a weird and terrifying experience that he, in his college years, had with an old copy of the game. Even though Jadusable only wanted to play and recollect some of his childhood moments, he had to pass through some very scary moments that he didn't expect at all. Everything started when he went out to look for some used games and happened to stop by some old man's yard sale and found what he considered the ultimate video game find.

zelda-majoras-mask-artThe story gets thicker

Excited, he got back home and started playing. Not long time passed when he realized that sometimes the game was making weird bugs and changing his name to "Ben", the name of the file of the previous owner. Bothered by the errors of the game, Jadusable deleted the old file, and reopened his. That is when things start changing for real, slowly and steady. The game did not seem like the original version developed by Nintendo that he could recognize, and he started to witness some kind of maleficent, manipulative as well as repetitive bugs that make his experience worthy of a horror movie. The author repeatedly writes about being scared, terrified and having problems with sleep due to the creepy things that are actually happening to him. Despite the original game play, dark messages like "Dawn of a new-day" with lines just below it and "You shouldn't have done this" appear, very often the character is being set on fire when close to solving some of the quests and the song that is played in the background (The Song of Healing) is played perpetually during the game.

A turn for the worst

After being frozen by fear, he tries to restart the game and found out that the file that he deleted, entitled as Ben, had reappeared. Curious and scared about his game, Jadusable goes back to the old man’s house to find out some information about what’s going on, but to his surprise, the place was empty and for sale! The story goes on in five posts, written in different days (7, 8, 10, 12 and 15 September 2010). It happens to be that after two days from the third post, his roommate starts writing in his place. He affirms that Jadusable is behaving weird; barely eating, lost contact with all his friends and taken the semester off -but not before giving him a flash drive that came with some specific instructions. The flash drive contained a video and a text entitled "TheTruth.txt" which seemed the perfect explanation for his unusual behavior.

Here’s the weird twist

According to the story, Ben got inside of the computer, got all the passwords, the users and started writing the posts in Jadusable place. He also had scary conversations with himself telling him, for example that he was 12 years old at the time of his death. Theories then come out about the post and Ben is placed as a maleficent young boy that was drowned by someone (rumors said the killer was his own father), but no one can really know if it is true or it was made up. The fact is that the entire story comes out with videos recorded and posted by Jadusable himself of the events happening exactly as described by the author with incredible details. The controversy is discussed among many users on creepy pasta and all over forums and blogs and contains theories about Ben, Jadusable and the haunted cartridge. Ben seems to have taken control of the computer, the user and all the passwords of the boy. Were the messages real, experienced by a young college boy, or was it a made up story? We might never know, but if you’re familiar with this The Legend of Zelda game, and start having some strange bugs, be aware of Jadusable's story!

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